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We are your web designer for the creation of websites in French-speaking Switzerland. We focus on responsive design and modern content management systems. You benefit from our know-how and the creation of modern websites. We take care of consulting, planning, web design, programming, optimization and maintenance of your new website.

The web design takes into account the latest trends and is always based on responsive design principles. Mobile First is our foundation for creating and optimizing mobile websites. This means that our websites are optimized for all mobile devices and also take into account displays on high resolution desktop monitors. A website for all devices.

We create representative and interactive websites for entrepreneurs to stand out from the competition. Our websites ensure an optimal user experience through responsive web design.

Result: more customers. More sales.

We are a web designer and design and plan the creation of your new website, provide web design, text and images if necessary, and coordinate the entire project. Before the start of the project, we advise you on the options available to ensure that your website corresponds exactly to your needs.

The creation of your website is done by professional web designers from our offices located in Fribourg.

Website for businesses and SMEs

A website for a company or SME must have specific functionalities to fulfill its role and reinforce the brand strategy, provide content scalability and provide increased security to its users. That is why it is necessary to know what is essential for this type of website and what challenges must be faced during its development, bearing in mind that a website is usually the main channel of digital communication. . The role of a website is to protect your reputation while reaching more people and winning more customers.

A well-developed website is able to awaken the confidence of your target audience, consumers, suppliers, business allies and collaborators in general.

What should be found on the website for a company?

Each web page must follow design and development principles to perform well. Emphasis on user experience, responsive design, loading speed, intuitive menus and quality images, as well as a simple and functional back-office (site management platform), are some of the essential elements.

Information Architecture

The website must therefore be clear to provide the best possible user experience. It is necessary to plan and study the information that will be part of the website, in addition to the hierarchy of content according to the visitor’s interests and business objectives; which is reflected in the organization of menus, website categories and page elements.

In summary, website usability is paramount because you want the user to quickly find the information they are looking for and complete the conversion action without difficulty, without having to think too much or put in too much effort.

Mobile-first design

Every web page should be developed with the different devices and screen sizes users use in mind. This is why the website must have a responsive design or other forms of compatibility with mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


High-performance hosting, specially dedicated to a business site is essential, and the host (data center) should guarantee the availability of the website 24 hours a day and support access peaks, as well as security and loading speed . Additionally you should look for a company that has a reliable infrastructure that offers ongoing technical support and guarantees an uptime of 99.9% or better. At TOMA Internet Solutions we only work with data centers based in Switzerland that meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability and performance.

Website design

We create, develop and personalize each website design project with the objective of reflecting your business or activity as closely as possible.

The experience and know-how of our web designers allow us to use the most appropriate and modern technological solutions for each project. Our production team is made up of a web designer, graphic designer, programmer, if necessary an editor for the development of texts, as well as a webmaster, acting as project manager, in order to coordinate and respond as quickly as possible. deadlines to all your questions when designing your website.

All our websites are developed based on the latest web programming technologies/languages, respecting the most advanced web standards. The websites we design are optimized for all web browsers and adapted to all screen formats, for maximum user comfort.

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